Why iLOOPit.net?

You already noticed that we rather use term loops or looping video clips instead of animated gif.

“Loop” is combination of formats.

As top priority we use html5 video. Having turned OFF controls and having set looping ON html5 video clip looks the same as gif.

But (!) video file is 16 times smaller.


So main advantage of Loops is speed :

- web page loads faster

- biger resolution and quality of animation


Other benefits of html5 are:

  • full screen
  • slow motion
  • fast payback
  • screen capturing


Though we realize that html5 is format supported by modern browsers only. So as fall back solution Loop includes animated gif. In case browser is tool old animated gif will be displayed on the page instead.


Other advantages of iLOOPit.net:

- free hosting. You do not need to download (though you have such option ofcourse) file and to upload to some hosting or to your site directly. You can just copy small piece of code and paste it at your site, blog, social network and you clip is there.

- social networks integration. If you purpose is to post loop at tumblr, twitter or share at reddit - iloopit.net allow to do it easily.

- browse loops created by other users. You can use huge collection of other loops hosted at iloopit.net to add to you collection at your site, blog, social network.