Setup automated REPOSTING of your GIFS to TWITTER, TUMBLR, REDDIT.

Once your gif is created at it will be auto posted to your linked
Tumblr blog, Twitter account, or subReddit


Here is detailed instruction how to set it up:

Step 1. Create an account at Signup takes 2 minutes. It’s a 100% free service that actually delivers a gif.

Step 2. Create an applet. Go to Click "New Applet" on the top right.

Step 3. Pick source of gifs. 3.1 RSS Feed -> New feed item Click "+ This", select RSS Feed, pick "New feed item" (not "New feed item matches")

3.2 Prepare rss url Copy url(link from browser address bar) of our account at And add "rss" before /porngifs/username/ in it.

Example. Let’s say you are "xrandom" user. Your account is under url. So you should make

3.3 Add rss url to ifttt applet Paste this final url to "Feed Url" input at ifttt. Then submit "Create trigger".

Step 4. Pick gifs destination. Click "+ That" and select where would you like gifs to be delivered.

Tumblr configuration Reddit configuration Twitter configuration
action "Create a photo post" action "Submit a new link" action "Post a tweet with image"

Step 5. Create action and finish your applet. ifttt will ask you to authorise it to add posts from your name. (Don’t worry it’s a well known trustworthy service. You’ll be able to UNauthorize it anytime at your social profile e.g. tumblr settings)

Success! Once your gif is created at it will be auto posted within 1 hour according to your applet settings.


1. Will my old gifs be posted? No. Just those created after setup described above is done.

2. What will be posted: the link to a gif or the gif itself will be uploaded? A gif will be uploaded. Title you created at will be added as a post title

3. I created a gif at and it didn’t appear at my tumblr. Why? It usually takes up to 1 hour for ifttt to check if you have new gif created.

4. How many gifs can be posted at a time? There are no limitations neither at nor at But social network might have. E.g. reddit has some limits for users with low karma.

5. Does ifttt support other social networks to be posted to? Yes, check them all when selecting destination of the gif. Some users already post to blogger, telegram messenger and few more too.

6. How can i see if auto posting works properly? Check


If any questions please feel free to contact us at